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Commpplex polymorphisms in endocytosis geenes suggest alpha-cyclodextrin against metastases in breast cancer
The COVID-19 epidemic: Epidemiological evidence for SARS-CoV-2 virueses spreading and implications for prevention strategies

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2022-04-17: Agustina Sucri, La Prensa (If nothing had been done, it would have been a bad flu)
2022-04-11: Jeff A. Tucker, Brownstone Institute (How Mitigation Caused Carnage)
2021-11-12: Conf Food Sci Nutr, Vienna (Improve Health in Aging and Covid Resilience)  
2021-10-09: Philip McMillan / Vejon ( Innovative COVID-19 Epidemiology Solutions, 4 min ...) 

2021-04-29: Burkhard Müller-Ullrich / Achgut (Lockdowns erzeugen Mutanten, in german)
2021-03-31: RobVerkerk/Speaking Naturally (Thenever-endingstoryoflockdowns &vaccines
2021-03-26: Alex Maslow / Dystopian Living ( Fauci Admits Covid Vaccine Doesn't Work )
2021-03-25: Perspectives on the Pandemic (#14 Catching up with Knut Wittkowski, PhD ) 2021-03-11:
Planet Lockdown (2020-07-18 Central Park InterviewRestaurant Interview
2021-02-17: Nick Hudson, PANDA (Pandacast | A conversation with Knut Wittkowski)
2021-02-16: Petia Minkova, 168chase ( With fasting mimetic severe cases may decrease )
2021-02-13: Philip McMillan ( Are we winning against COVID-19? )
2021-02-12: Dave Goodside ( On Trump Pandemic Response )
2021-01-21: Tania the Herbalist ( Covid, Lockdowns & the Epidemiology )

Philip McMillan (International forum: COVID-19 options if vaccines fail)
2021-01-05: Paul J. Watson/Infowars (collected phrases: Flu cases counted as COVID-19)
2021-01-02: David R. Usher (Intellectualconservative: The Truth about Covid-19)
 The Committee of the Republic (Empire Salon: Defeating the Pandemic )
2020-12-30: Planet Lockdown (2020-07-18 Interview with Knut Wittkowski )
2020-12-10: Sammeroff/Epstein, Scottish Liberty Podcast (Lockdowns caused the 2nd wave)
2020-12-07: Pauls to the Wall ( Following the Science With an Epidemiologist )
2020-12-01: Gene EpsteinLike a Vaccine Except More Long-Lasting? )
Willem Engel ( Zoom 100 Live Q&A #51, incl. COVID-20, english from 0:20)
2020-10-14: JW Axe, WM Briggs, JW Richards  (The Price of Panic, Kindle Edition)
2020-09-27: Peter R Quinones ( Dr. Knut Wittkowski on his Work [Against] Spread of CV19 )
2020-08-20: AP News (Dr. Wittkowski named as expert in lawsuit on school mask rules)
2020-08-11: Urban Global Health Alliance ( NJ School Reopening Live Press Conference )
2020-07-24: The HighWire with Del BigTree (1:40 - Most of the US already has HI,   )

2020-06-23: Lee S. DryburghHyperWellBeingEP16: CoV Lockdowns Were a Mistake  )
2020-06-01: Marty Mackary (SOHO Forum: Has the Lockdown saved lives? Video/slides/votes)
2020-05-24: Frank Morano, omny.fm ( The epidemiologist banned from YouTube )
2020-05-19: Scott Morefield, Daily Caller (YouTube on Removing Epidemiologists's Videos)
2020-05-18: Laura Ingraham, FOX ( Epidemiologist's video removed by YouTube )
2020-05-18: Frank Furedi, Canterbury ( Distopian and disturbing: big tech censorship )
2020-05-17: Jessica McBride, Heavy ( NY Researcher Argues Against COVID-19 Lockdowns )
2020-05-16: Jon Levine, NYPost ( YouTube censors epidemiologist for opposing lockdown )
2020-05-15: Spiked / Lifetradingnews ( We could open up again and forget the whole thing  )
2020-05-06: ReopenUSA ( Interview with Dr. Erickson on bitchute, censored by YT )
2020-04-28: Perspectives on the Pandemic ( #5 on bitchute, censored by YT )
2020-04-25: Uwe Alschner ( The pandemic is over )
2020-04-24: Graham Ledger, OAN  ( The Daily Ledger: Coronavirus & Herd Immunity )
2020-04-23: Edward Stringham, AIER ( Must We Choose Between the Economy and Health? )
2020-04-21: Wulf Rohwedder, Tagesschau Faktenerfinder (War der "Lockdown" unnötig? )
2020-04-15: 21st Century Wire, 21Wire ( with radical.org transcript of 2020-04-03 video )
2020-04-14: Collage ( Dr. Fauci vs Dr. Wittkowski: Endless Mitigation or Herd Immunity )
2020-04-12: Healthmade Radio, Dr. Michael Karlfeld ( Global Health Crisis Solutions )
2020-04-11: Punkt Preradovic ( COVID-19 largely under control, in German )
2020-04-10: The HighWire with Del Bigtree ( Is Social Distancing Working?  censored on FB )
2020-04-03: Perspectives on the Pandemic (#2 hosted by AIER, Spanisch CC, censored on YT )
2020-03-21: Wittkowski / Linkedin ( How to fight SARS-CoV-2 / COVID-19 )

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More media:

   Lockdown TV ( Unherd ), Perspectives on the Pandemic #6 ( back on YT )
   Nick Pineault: Ending the Corona Panic (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)
   other censoring by YouTube for being pro-democratic or scientific about COVID-19

   The ultimate commentary by a 4-yr old: Everything that's not shutdown is nothing   

Improving immune resilience: Intermittent fasting mimetic with antiviral functions ( ASD-CoV )